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Urgent Relief for Eritrean Refugees (URER) is a non-political, nonprofit, secular, and 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt organization formed to campaign for the rights of Eritrean refugees, provide financial and material assistance, and to facilitate resettlement of refugees by offering social and educational services. We strive to help primarily underserved Eritrean refugees across sub-Saharan Africa and those who have already migrated to the United States.

Eritrean Refugees in other countries
Eritrean refugee says raped by 8 Bedouins in Sinai PDF Print E-mail


Twenty-five-year-old female refugee from Eritrea who infiltrated into Israel says she was sexually attacked by Bedouins who led her, other refugees through Sinai. Population and Immigration Border Authority officials say familiar with phenomenon

Yael Branovsky Published:  02.08.10, 00:05 / Israel News 

The journey of African refugees to Israel entails many dangers along the way. Refugees, for example, run the risk of being shot by Egyptian security forces, as has occured in the past. However, women face another peril – some are raped just before entering the Jewish state.

Shalom Yehosua from the Population and Immigration Border Authority said that a 25-year-old woman from Eritrea who recently crossed the border into Israel said she was raped by eight Bedouins leading her and a group of refugees through the Sinai Peninsula.

Eritrean was ‘exemplary’ PDF Print E-mail


by Francesca Vella

Article published on 22 July 2011


The Eritrean refugee who lost his life while trying to rescue a Frenchman at Paradise Bay on Wednesday afternoon was described by one of the directors at the hotel where he worked, as an exemplary employee who displayed a strong sense of initiative.

Stanley Zammit, one of the directors at Paradise Bay Hotel, told this newspaper that Ashih Tekleab Haile, 32, who had been living in Malta since October 2009, volunteered to try rescuing a Frenchman who got into difficulty while swimming at Paradise Bay. 

The plight of Eritreans in Egypt PDF Print E-mail


Written by Dalia Malek Saturday, 11 June 2011 16:41

watch Channel Four’s recently aired documentary looking at Eritreans in Sinai who tried to sneak into Israel. Asylum seekers and refugees in Egypt face a threat of deportation to countries where they risk persecution.

This violates the cornerstone of international refugee law that prohibits such deportations—the principle of non-refoulement. 

Warning issued By International Commission on Eritrean refugees PDF Print E-mail

Myth: Passage through Sudan and Egypt may cost some money, but the trip is worth it.

Fact:  Groups of refugees are passed between many traffickers, each demanding money. Travel is in open trucks; you must push if the truck gets stuck in the sand; and if someone gets hurt and cannot walk, or falls off the truck, the person is left behind to die.  There is little or no food or water provided on the trip.  You may be forced to shoot at police if they see the truck.  Travel is often at night when it is very cold.



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